"Where animal's aren't pets, they're family members!"
Serapic Farm
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Raising quality healthy animals since  2004
concentrate on breeding quality healthy animals that
Mini Lop Rabbits for ARBA youth shows. We have
focused to create our own nationally competitive line of
polish rabbits. We recently purchased our starter stock
for our mini lop herd after selling out of our beautiful
himalayan herd. All of our animals' bloodlines have
been built with superior quality genetics. Our children
show in the rabbits in youth in The American Rabbit
Breeders Association (ARBA).  They help in all aspects
of raising rabbits from cleaning, tattooing, trimming
nails, to deciding crosses and determining who to sell
and who to retain in our herd. We are also members of
the Heartland Polish Rabbit Club (HPRC) as well as the
American Polish Rabbit Club (APRC), and Himalayan
Rabbit Club. We recently joined the Mini Lop National
club as well as the Illinois and Indiana Mini Lop Clubs!